SKF China gearbox tiller La Laguna Mexico BS2-2222-2RS Vt143 Bearing for Mineral Industry with ce certificate top quality low price

SKF  China   gearbox tiller   La Laguna Mexico   BS2-2222-2RS Vt143 Bearing for Mineral Industry with ce certificate top quality low price

We EPG have solved this problem by providing a channel inside the shaft; a bucket is attached to its top, which facilitates collecting oil quickly.Our product range includes all kinds of helical gear, spur gear, bevel gear, gear rack, worm gear, sprockets,chains, bearings, pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes.- EPG Group the biggest agricultural gearbox and pto factory in China with 5 different branches. For more details: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Our company is located in XiHu HangZhou Zhejiang Province. TThe unique challenges in the agriculture industry – difficult terrain, special technology and a need for innovation and flexibility – require a transmission built for durability and reliability and designed for maximum performance.

Sealed Spherical Roller Bearing BS2-2222-2RS/VT143

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CoatMaster/EASIER
Certification: ISO9001/TS16949
Model Number: BS2-2222-2RS/VT143 Bearing

Sealed spherical Roller Bearings Bearing made in China, It is one kind of spherical roller bearing design. Actually Spherical Roller Bearing also called Self-Aligning Roller Bearings, so it can be named Self-Aligning Roller Bearing BS2-2222-2RSK/VT143 Bearing. Its Mcgill original design for this kind of sealed roller bearing.

China bearing manufacturer
Sealed spherical roller bearing manufacturer  
Spherical roller bearing with CA,CC,CCJA,MA,E,E1,EAE4,MB cage  
Single row spherical roller bearing  


Sealed spherical roller bearing EASIER Sealed spherical roller bearing
Designation Dimension Weight   Designation Dimension Weight
(mm) (kg)   (mm) (kg)
BS2-2205-2CS/VT143 25*52*23 0.31   BS2-2308-2CS/VT143 40*90*38 1.2
BS2-2206-2CS/VT143 30*60*25 0.34   BS2-2309-2CS/VT143 45*100*42 1.6
BS2-2207-2CS/VT143 35*72*28 0.52   BS2-2310-2CS/VT143 50*110*45 2.1
BS2-2208-2CS/VT143 40*80*28 0.57   BS2-2311-2CS/VT143 55*120*49 2.8
BS2-2209-2CS/VT143 45*85*28 0.66   BS2-2312-2CS/VT143 60*130*53 3.4
BS2-2210-2CS/VT143 50*90*28 0.7   BS2-2313-2CS/VT143 65*140*56 4.2
BS2-2211-2CS/VT143 55*100*31 1   BS2-2314-2CS/VT143 70*150*60 5.1
BS2-2212-2CS/VT143 60*110*34 1.3   BS2-2315-2CS/VT143 75*160*64 6.5
BS2-2213-2CS/VT143 65*120*38 1.6   BS2-2316-2CS/VT143 80*170*67 7.2
BS2-2214-2CS/VT143 70*125*38 1.8   BS2-2317-2CS/VT143 85*180*67 8.7
BS2-2215-2CS/VT143 75*130*38 2.1   BS2-2318-2CS/VT143 90*190*73 9.8
BS2-2216-2CS/VT143 80*140*40 2.4   BS2-2320-2CS/VT143 100*210*73 13.5
BS2-2217-2CS/VT143 85*150*44 3   BS2-2322-2CS/VT143 110*240*80 18.5
BS2-2218-2CS/VT143 90*160*48 3.7   22324-2CS5/VT143 120*260*86 23
BS2-2219-2CS/VT143 95*170*51 4.7   22326-2CS5/VT143 130*280*93 29
BS2-2220-2CS/VT143 100*180*55 5.5   22328-2CS5/VT143 140*300*102 36.5
BS2-2222-2CS/VT143 110*200*63 7.6   22330-2CS5/VT143 150*320*108 43.5
BS2-2224-2CS/VT143 120*215*69 9.8   22332-2CS5/VT143 160*340*114 52
BS2-2226-2CS/VT143 130*230*75 11   22334-2CS5/VT143 170*360*120 61
22228-2CS5/VT143 140*250*68 14   22344-2CS5/VT143 220*460*145 115
22232-2CS5/VT143 160*290*80 22.5   EASIER    
22236-2CS5/VT143 180*320*86 29   23120-2CS5/VT143 100*165*52 4.6
22238-2CS5/VT143 190*340*92 35   23122-2CS5/VT143 110*180*56 5.8
EASIER       23124-2CS5/VT143 120*200*62 8
23020-2CS/VT143 100*150*37 2.5   23126-2CS5/VT143 130*210*64 9
23022-2CS/VT143 110*170*45 3.8   23130-2CS5/VT143 150*250*80 16
23024-2CS5/VT143 120*180*46 4.2   23132-2CS5/VT143 160*270*86 20.5
23026-2CS5/VT143 130*200*52 6   23134-2CS5/VT143 170*280*88 22
23028-2CS5/VT143 140*210*53 6.6   23136-2CS5/VT143 180*300*96 28
23030-2CS5/VT143 150*225*56 8   23138-2CS5/VT143 190*320*104 35
23032-2CS5/VT143 160*240*60 9.7   23140-2CS5/VT143 200*340*112 43
23034-2CS5/VT143 170*260*67 13   23144-2CS5/VT143 220*370*120 53.5
23036-2CS5/VT143 180*280*74 17   23148-2CS5/VT143 240*400*128 66.5
23038-2CS5/VT143 190*290*75 18   23152-2CS5/VT143 260*440*144 90.5
23040-2CS5/VT143 200*310*82 22   23156-2CS5/VT143 280*460*146 97
23044-2CS5/VT143 220*340*90 29   23160-2CS5/VT143 300*500*160 125
23048-2CS5/VT143 240*360*92 32   23164-2CS5/VT143 320*540*176 165
23052-2CS5/VT143 260*400*106 46   23168-2CS5/VT143 340*580*190 210

Sealed spherical roller bearings are characterised by:

1.very high basic dynamic and static load ratings lower frictional torque compared to the competition

2.environmentally friendly characteristics lower grease consumption and disposal costs requirement for expensive relubrication systems reduced maintenance outlay

4.simple reconditioning of series 240 and 241

5.longer operating life of the bearing.

Sealed spherical roller bearings are suitable for areas of operation such as continuous casting plant, conveyor belts, elevator plant or the food industry.

Two different seal materials are used depending on bearing size:
• Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) intended for normal operating temperatures. Bearings with NBR seals are identiied by the sufice CS or LS. Example: BS2-2210-2LS/VT143
• Hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (HNBR) is intended for both normal and high operating temperatures. Bearings with HNBR seals are identiied by the sufix 2CS5 or 2LS5. Example: 24024-2CS5/VT143

Application of Sealed spherical Roller Bearing
• Elevators, escalators
• Electric motors
• ept and ept equipment
• Fluid machinery
• Marine industry machinery
• Food processing machinery
• Steel manufacturing equipment
• Conveyors
• Cranes
XRB is the China bearing manufacturer, exporter, supplier, it can supply Brand BS2-2222-2RS/VT143 bearing, Our large quantity CoatMaster spherical roller bearings Stock can meet your need with good quality and fast delivery, Also you can find NSK Bearing, the other type and brand Spherical roller bearing. just like KOYO, NTN, NKE, ZWZ.

The Sealed spherical Roller Bearing list we can supply as follows:

— Spherical Roller Bearing, Double-Row
    CC/W33, CA/W33, CAE4, MB/W33, EAE4, E, E1, CCJA/W33, EMA, EJA, EJ series cage, brass cage, pressted steel cage and nylon cage are also available.

— Spherical Roller Bearing, Single Row
    Nylon and brass cage are all available

— Sealed spherical roller bearing, Double row

Feature of Sealed spherical roller bearing
Typical customer requirements
•     Long service life
•     High load carrying capacity
•     Compact arrangements
•     Accommodate misalignment
•     Minimum maintenance
•     Low operating costs
•     Few unplanned stops
•     Environmental sustainability
•     High availability
•     Technical support

Our warehouse have many kinds of ball & roller bearings As follows:

1. Deep Groove Ball Bearing
2. Self-aliging Ball Bearing
3. Cylindrical Roller Bearing
4. Spherical Roller Bearing,Sinle row,and sealed spherical roller bearing
5. Needle Roller Bearing
6. Angular contact ball Bearing
7. Tapered roller bearing
8. Thrust Ball Bearing
9. Thurst Roller Bearing
10.Bearing Unit
11.Thin Section Bearing
12.Plummer Block housing
13.Insulated bearing
14.Track Roller Bearing
15.Linear motion bearing
16.Slewing Bearing
17.Spherical Plain Bearing

And also the special used bearings:

1. Excavator Bearing 
2. Wheel Hub Bearing
3. Bearing for printing machinery
4. Bearing for Textile machinery
5. Rolling Mill Bearing
6. Concrete Mixer Truck Bearing
7. Agricultural Bearing
8. Shearer Bearing for Coal ept Bearing  
9. V & U groove bearing
10.Motorcycle Bearing

Some special bearings which are not in our stock, its pleasure to ordered after confirmed the quantity and brand needed, we would like to strive our best to meet customers’ demand. 

Bearing Devliery. XRB’s production capacity and large storehouse can sure that our quality bearing can deliver to our customers within shortest time, we have large stocks for our own bearings, the usually bearings we can finish within 3days,and the large quantity and more different size our usual delivery date will be within 7-25 daeptupon specific situation.
Bearing Service. XRB’s perfect service can earn customers’ trust and make sure the customers have no risk to do business with us. Before place an order, we make sure the customer know the details about the quality, the price, the delivery, and also we will be work strictly according to our agreement, after the customers received our quality bearings, we accepted return back the bearing goods if the customers was not pleased the bearing quality. 

So try to contact with us if you have demand about bearings. And Start our first step to know each other.

The use of original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) part numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our company and the listed replacement parts contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM.

SKF  China   gearbox tiller   La Laguna Mexico   BS2-2222-2RS Vt143 Bearing for Mineral Industry with ce certificate top quality low price

SKF  China   gearbox tiller   La Laguna Mexico   BS2-2222-2RS Vt143 Bearing for Mineral Industry with ce certificate top quality low price