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Best best made in China – replacement parts – PTO shaft manufacturer & factory 2-3-258kx f250 rear drive shaft End Yoke with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the greatest agricultural gearbox and pto manufacturing facility in China with 5 distinct branches. For a lot more particulars: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Best  best  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory 2-3-258kx  f250 rear push shaft Finish Yoke with ce certification prime good quality lower cost

2004 ford explorer rear generate shaft EPG ford submit gap digger pto shaft Equipment c10 driveshaft is 2003 chevy silverado push shaft found comer industries pto drive shafts in freelander propshaft XiHu brush hog pto Spot king kutter pto yoke HangZhou series 6 pto shaft parts Zhejiang sq. pto shaft ,China. It is 30km from our manufacturing unit to HangZhou intercontinental airport. EPG is ready to cooperate sincerely and build commonly with close friends! Our business prodcue all the American tube yoke, flange yoke, weld yoke, middle yoke, spline yoke, sip yoke, spline shaft and and many others. so if you have desire for these elements, you should really feel free contact us, thank you very a lot advance!!!

 StHangZhourd Element #  Series ( E )Distance Throughout Lugs ( D )Bearing Diameter ( M )Spline Diameter & Number ( J )Centerline to Stop of Spline ( Q )Length  of Via Gap
nine-3-481KX 1910 two.56″ three.163″-36 Inv. eight.94″ 6.thirty”
9-3-481-1KX 1910 two.56″ 3.163″-36 Inv. 11.ninety four” 9.30″
nine-3-351-1KX 2150 4.750″ 5.835″-34 Inv. twenty.938″ 17.87″
nine-3-331-4KX 2050 three.812″ five.835″-34 Inv. seventeen.56″ fourteen.50″
9-3-331-2KX 2050 3.812″ 5.835″-34 Inv. eleven.938″ 8.50″
nine-3-331-1KX 2050 three.812″ 5.835″-34 Inv. fifteen.438″ 12.38″
nine-3-261KX 1950 3.062″ 4.167″-24 Inv. nine.688″ six.126″
nine-3-241KX 1950 3.062″ four.167″-24 Inv. 10.875″ seven.313″
9-3-221KX 1950 three.062″ 4.167″-24 Inv. thirteen.875″ 10.313″
eight-3-431KX 1880 eight.09″ 2.eighteen” 4.17″-24 Inv. five.03″ three.sixty two”
8-3-411KX 1880 8.09″ two.eighteen” 3″-16 eleven.65″ 9.sixty two”
8-3-391KX 1880 eight.09″ 2.18″ three”-sixteen 10.03″ eight.00″
six.5-3-1451KX 1810 7.55″ 1.ninety four” three.twenty five”-18 Inv. five.38″ 3.88″
6.5-3-1431KX 1810 seven.55″ one.94″ three”-16 8.94″ 7.38″
6.5-3-1371KX 1810 seven.fifty five” 1.ninety four” three”-16 eleven.88″ 9.fifty”
six.5-3-1351KX 1810 7.fifty five” one.ninety four” three”-sixteen 10.25″ seven.88″
six.3-3-41KX 1760 7″ one.94″ 2.50″-sixteen nine.25″ 6.78″
6.3-3-21KX 1760 seven” one.94″ two.50″-16 11.16″ 8.69″
6-3-2741KX 1710 six.09″ one.94″ 2.50″-16 7.forty seven” seven.625″
6-3-2671KX 1710 six.09″ 1.94″ 2.fifty”-16 9.fifty nine” seven.875″
6-3-2651KX 1710 six.09″ 1.ninety four” 2.50″-16 11.sixty nine” 9.twenty five”
6-3-2631KX 1710 six.09″ one.ninety four” 2.fifty”-sixteen 8.eighty four” seven.50″
6-3-1661KX 1710 6.09″ 1.ninety four” three.twenty five”-eighteen Inv. 4.12″ two.74″
6-3-1481KX 1710 6.09″ 1.ninety four” 3.twenty five”-eighteen Inv. four.88″ three.fifty”
five-3-288KX 1610 five.31″ one.88″ two”-16 9.31″ 7.38″
5-3-2261KX 1610 five.31″ 1.88″ two”-sixteen ten.eighty one” 8.38″
5-3-2141KX 1610 5.31″ one.88″ two”-16 11.94″ nine.00″
5-3-198KX 1610 5.31″ 1.88″ two.673″-eighteen Inv. four.twenty five” three”
5-3-188KX 1610 5.31″ 1.88″ 2.673″-eighteen Inv. four.00″ two.seventy five”
five-3-168KX 1610 five.31″ one.88″ 2.673″-eighteen Inv. 3.fifty” 2.twenty five”
five-3-108KX 1610 5.31″ one.88″ 2″-sixteen 7.eighty one” 6.38″
four-3-1751KX 1550 five.twenty five” 1.38″ 1.seventy five”-sixteen 5.38″ four.00″
4-3-1431KX 1550 five.twenty five” one.38″ 1.75″-16 ten.06″ 8.00″
4-3-1261KX 1550 five.twenty five” 1.38″ 2.50″-sixteen 3.fifty” two.56″
4-3-1241KX 1550 five.twenty five” 1.38″ one.seventy five”-sixteen 6.88″ 5.50″
three-3-508KX 1410 4.forty four” 1.19″ one.fifty”-sixteen 7.81″ six.forty seven”
3-3-468KX 1410 4.forty four” one.19″ 1.50″-16 3.ninety one” two.75″
3-3-448KX 1350 3.88″ one.19″ one.50″-16 seven.31″ six.twelve”
three-3-388KX 1350 three.88″ one.19″ one.fifty”-sixteen 3.ninety four” 2.seventy five”
3-3-2381KX 1410 4.forty four” one.19″ 1.56″-sixteen eleven.fifty” nine.50″
three-3-1641KX 1480 four.forty four” one.38″ one.56″-16 nine.50″ seven.50″
3-3-1621KX 1480 4.forty four” 1.38″ two.25″-10 3.seventy two” two.59″
3-3-1601KX 1480 4.44″ one.38″ one.56″-16 six.eighty one” 5.fifty”
three-3-1511KX 1410 4.forty four” one.19″ one.seventy five”-16 three.25″ two.forty four”
three-3-118KX 1410 four.44″ 1.19″ one.fifty”-16 six.50″ five.34″
2-3-5221KX 1280 3.47″ one.06″ one.38″-16 six.88″ five.38″
two-3-5221KX 1310 three.47″ one.06″ 1.38″-16 six.88″ five.38″
2-3-258KX 1280 3.47″ 1.06″ 1.twenty five”-sixteen 4.12″ three.twelve”
two-3-258KX 1310 3.forty seven” one.06″ one.25″-sixteen 4.12″ 3.twelve”

Best  best  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory 2-3-258kx  f250 rear drive shaft Finish Yoke with ce certification top good quality lower value

6-40-541 supplier made in China – replacement parts – 8n pto shaft End Yoke with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the largest agricultural gearbox and pto manufacturing unit in China with 5 distinct branches. For much more information: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

6-forty-541  provider  created in China - substitution areas -   8n pto shaft End Yoke with ce certification leading top quality minimal value

pto coupler tractor offer Our 2008 cadillac cts awd travel shaft items modest pto shaft is corvette driveshaft popular ebay pto shaft exported echo srm 225 pto shaft dimension to pto push shaft tiller the auger pto shaft tractor provide United lock pin for pto shaft States, toyota yaris push shaft Germany, Australia, Russia, Spain, Hungary, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Nigeria, Peru, Brazil, Middle and South America, Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, far more than 60 nations around the world and regions. Under the assistance of managerial perception of “Serving agriculture, scoring a good results through good quality of goods and honesty in organization”, our goods have been trustworthy by clients and have obtained a larger share of industry. Our company prodcue all the American tube yoke, flange yoke, weld yoke, center yoke, spline yoke, sip yoke, spline shaft and and so on. so if you have desire for these elements, remember to really feel cost-free speak to us, thank you very considerably progress!!!

StHangZhourd Portion # Collection Spline Spline Size Tube Dimension ( R )Hub Diameter ( K )End of Spline to Stage of Weld
2-40-1711 1280 1.38″-sixteen 2.twenty five” 2.fifty” x .083″W 2.34″ 6.34″
2-forty-1711 1310 one.38″-16 two.twenty five” 2.fifty” x .083″W 2.34″ 6.34″
three-40-1611 1350 one.50″-16 2.fifty” 3″ x .083″W two.eighty four” seven.twenty five”
3-40-1531 1410 1.50″-sixteen 3″ 3.50″ x .083″W 3.34″ six.56″
three-40-1491 1410 one.fifty”-sixteen 3″ three.50″ x .083″W 3.34″ seven.53″
three-40-1711 1410 one.56″-sixteen 5″ three” x .083″W 2.84″ 13.41″
three-forty-1551 1480 one.56″-16 three” four” x .083″W 3.84″ 8.ninety four”
three-forty-1571 1480 one.56″-16 3″ 3.fifty” x .083″W three.34″ 6.seventy five”
three-40-1391 1480 one.fifty six”-sixteen three” 3.fifty” x .083″W three.34″ eight.seventy five”
four-40-721 1550 one.seventy five”-16 three” three.50″ x .095″W 3.32″ nine.22″
4-40-761 1550 1.75″-sixteen 3″ three.50″ x .095″W 3.32″ 6.78″
5-40-1011 1610 two”-sixteen 3.50″ 3.fifty” x .134″W three.24″ 9.69″
five-forty-1041 1610 two”-sixteen 3.50″ 3.50″ x .134″W three.24″ 10.19″
five-40-1191 1610 2″-16 3.fifty” three.fifty” x .134″W 3.24″ seven.56″
five-40-1051 1610 2″-sixteen three.fifty” four” x .134″W 3.seventy four” nine.84″
six-forty-521 1710 two.50″-sixteen four” four” x .134″W 3.74″ ten.fifty six”
6-40-521 1710 2.fifty”-sixteen four” four.09″ x .a hundred and eighty”W 3.74″ 10.fifty six”
six-40-541 1710 2.50″-16 four” 4″ x .134″W three.74″ 9.twenty five”
six-forty-541 1710 two.50″-sixteen 4″ 4.09″ x .one hundred eighty”W three.74″ 9.25″
six-forty-621 1710 two.50″-16 4″ 4.fifty” x .134″W four.24″ ten.65″
6-forty-631 1710 2.50″-16 four” 4.fifty” x .134″W four.24″ nine.50″
six-forty-711 1710 two.fifty”-sixteen four” 4″ x .134″W 3.74″ 8.forty four”
6-forty-541 1760 two.50″-16 four” four.06″ x .a hundred sixty five”W three.seventy four” nine.twenty five”
6.5-forty-191 1810 3″-16 4.50″ four.50″ x .134″W 4.24″ eleven.25″
6.5-forty-201 1810 3″-sixteen 4.50″ four.50″ x .134″W 4.24″ 9.47″
eight-forty-91 1810 3″-sixteen 4.50″ 4.50″ x .259″W four” nine.91″
eight-forty-one zero one 1810 3″-16 four.fifty” four.fifty” x .259″W four” eleven.fifty three”
8-40-ninety one 1880 three”-16 four.fifty” four.50″ x .259″W four” nine.90″
eight-forty-101 1880 3″-16 4.fifty” 4.50″ x .259″W four” eleven.53″
9-forty two-311 1950 four.167″-24 Inv. six.50″ 5.25″ x ,375″W 4.fifty” 13.47″
9-forty two-421 1950 four.167″-24 Inv. 6.50″ six” x .500″W five.15″ thirteen.forty seven”
9-42-281 2050 5.835″-34 Inv. nine.fifty” 8″x .375″W seven.38″ fourteen.fifty”
nine-forty two-351 2050 five.835″-34 Inv. nine.50″ eight”x .375″W seven.38″ sixteen.sixty”
nine-42-301 2150 five.835″-34 Inv. 12″ nine”x .625″W 8″ 19.63″

6-40-541  provider  created in China - replacement components -   8n pto shaft End Yoke with ce certification best good quality low value